Podcast – How to use PR to manage reputation online


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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Pascal Fintoni, a respected digital marketing trainer, keynote speaker and host of several pod and vodcasts on marketing and digital.

Pascal was keen to ask if PR still has a place in today’s digital first marketing mix.

We spent an hour discussing everything from what is PR (public relations) to why it’s relevant for digital marketers, brand managers and indeed any brand, business or public figure with an online presence.

The short version, reputation is reputation, they take years to build and seconds to lose.

That can happen in the pages of a newspaper, on air, in-person, or in negative online reviews and critical social media commentary.

PR is a strategic communication discipline and its core focus is reputation management.

In our mobile-first culture, with its immediacy of content and accepted multi-channel approach, the digital space is filled with risk of reputational harm.

Yes, online presents enormous potential for building profile, awareness and fostering goodwill with your publics and audiences but don’t forget things can go wrong, and fast.

Those 144 characters you thought were inspired suddenly blow up into a raging Twitter-storm.

Today’s communications professionals have to be even more alert to the issue of reputational harm – and highly skilled at identifying risk and responding effectively – across a range of on and off-line channels.

If you feel like making a brew and listening in, here is some of the PR advice and knowledge you can take away today.

PR Tips – Manage your Reputation Online

  • What is PR? And is it still relevant in digital marketing?
  • Five steps for a successful PR campaign
  • How to work best with a PR consultant
  • Putting people at the heart of your brand storytelling
  • Campaigns under the spotlight – Turtle Bay Restaurants to Great British Railway Art
  • The deal-breakers of effective press releases
  • The do’s and don’ts of approaching journalists
  • The apps and techs you need for low-cost PR campaigns

Thank you to Pascal for his invitation to appear on his Content Marketing Studio series. If you’d like to explore his content more, you can find him here – https://pascalfintoni.com