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Video Marketing


The explosion of video marketing has been a breakout trend over the past decade. Consumers love to watch video content and it’s become an essential part of people’s journey with and relationship to brands.


  • Video informs & educates and helps people understand your products
  • Search engines love video and see it as high quality content, doing wonders for your SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Video is a dynamic immediate way to get important messages across to audiences, whether live with a talking head or a product explainer
  • 90% of consumers say video helps them make purchasing decisions
  • Video feels personal and can be used to give a feeling of face-to-face interaction, building loyalty and connection with the consumer

During the Coronavirus pandemic, video consumption increased even further as more people worked from home and stayed home during lockdowns.

This societal change deepened engagement with social media, online resources and the internet to help people replace meeting friends, eating out and going out.

YouTube and Facebook are the most widely used platforms among video marketers — a trend which shows no sign of slowing – but video is agile content that can be used effectively across all digital platforms, at the heart of a business website and in key B2B environments like Linkedin, trade shows, exhibitions or conferences.

Video marketing is easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and marketers like it because it delivers huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels.

Need help with Video Marketing

If you need help planning, scripting and producing a video marketing project, I can help.

I’ve worked on brand story and profile building video, product explainers, training content and live stream social content; as well as working as a presenter for brands including Volkswagen, ProQuip, Golf Monthly and Gee Swing Golf.

Get in touch for:

  • Video shoot management and video production
  • Scriptwriting for video marketing
  • Voiceover for video marketing
  • Video and TV Presenting

Selected Video Marketing Work

PROQUIP: Leaders in Lightweight Golf Weatherwear

Project management, script, shoot coordination.

PROQUIP: ‘Behind the Scenes’ content

Video presenting, project management and shoot coordination.

PROQUIP: Voiceover Product Explainer Series

PROQUIP:  POS (point of sale) marketing support for Golf Retailers

Presenting work for ProQuip B2B communications to golf retailers.


I’ve worked with Matthew on several shoots, ranging from quite simple stills product photography in the studio, to much larger productions involving stills, video, a large crew and multiple locations. He’s always enthusiastic and full of ideas, and does a great job of co-ordinating the multiple moving parts involved in a large shoot. I look forward to working with him repeatedly in the future.

Tom Miles, Photographer/Videographer, TM Photo