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Matthew has been fantastic; he is straightforward, hardworking and passionate. We were particularly impressed by his ability to comprehend the diverse and complex range of projects within our campaign and represent them with integrity in innovative and meaningful ways.

Matthew demonstrated sensitivity not only to the key messages and needs of the campaign but also to the individuals being represented and was really supportive when it came to working with young people acting as a programme spokesperson.

Matthew’s work surpassed our expectations in every way, the reach, diversity and frequency of the coverage was far more than we ever anticipated.

We would not hesitate to recommend Matthew to anyone seeking to develop a press and PR campaign.

Anna Spencer, Project and Information Officer, NE-Generation

Have to say, Matthew is the best PR and Press professional I've ever worked with. He is a fantastic person to collaborate with and did a simply amazing job for us. Unprecedented.

Ben Ayrton, Programme Manager, NE-Generation

Matthew worked on the My LegaSea project at a time when we needed strategic press and PR activity to support our national research project. Our brief required national reach, tailored press releases and targeted activity to specific demographics and geographies. He was quick to develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our campaign as well as the wider press and PR context in which it sat. Matthew not only responded to our needs, but also added value to our strategy and the approach taken.

Matthew Moore Consulting deliver excellent value for money. Their pricing for work in the voluntary and charitable sector is achievable even for organisations with limited resources. Matthew really makes the most of the allocated hours and creates additional value. He is really approachable, great at communication and prompt at delivery. MMC also look for ways to maximise the brief and exceed targets.

Anna Spencer, Project Manager, My LegaSea (MSSC)

Matthew Moore really understands how to work on targeted briefs with tight deadlines. For My LegaSea he quickly grasped our messages, demographic and objectives. Matthew tailored the campaign to maximise reach and was prompt and effective in delivering the agreed coverage outcomes.

Anna Spencer, Project Manager, My LegaSea (MSSC)

Matthew supported us on the production of our annual Durham Pocket Guide, our principal tourism guidebook for visitors to the county. His copy was evocative and inspiring and parts of it have been used every year since because they capture the essence of Durham as a destination so perfectly.

Sarah Johnson, Marketing Manager, Visit County Durham